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Design Gallery of Business Partners and Clients

Below is a list of our clients and business partners.  If you're looking for any of these services, please give them a call and tell them Little Pines sent you!  Click on their web site graphic or their company name link to visit their web sites.  Click here if you want to see examples of our custom On-Line Applications

Star Valley On-Line: will be our new flagship site.  It's mostly an advertising site for Star Valley and its businesses, organizations, and events.  We hope it will become the "go-to" site for all Star Valley information. 

I boasts our new custom-developed Responsive and Adaptive [mobile-friendly] SAW CMS (Self-Administering Website Content Management System), based on the Bootstrap platform, and developed using the ColdFusion programming langauge.  This is also the platform used for THOTG above, and LSR below). 

We will develop many Plug-Ins for this platform.  A Business Listings App, an SEO app, an Ad Manager app, a Shopping Cart app, a Blog app, and more. 

Come back often and watch us grow.  Please give us some suggestions for improvement

Town Homes on the Green is our latest & greatest.  This is an on-line reservation application with a web site wrapped around it.  The CMS (Content Management System) for the reservation app is also the CMS for the web site. 

The app has many features including retaining customer information (not credit card info), so that past customers can be sent notices of specials or deals coming up.  It allows the Admins to do a reservation live, while the customer is on the phone, it has a Blackout date feature, it allows for rooms to be grouped into categories to make it easier for visitors trying to find a particular room,  and much more. 

The rooms are designed and decorated in a mountain/rustic motif while having all the comforts of modern living.  Please check out the site and the rooms and send us some comments about them. 

Lincoln Self Reliance  [new site still in beta] is a non-profit organization that assists disabled individuals in the Star Valley, Evanston, and Diamondville/Kemmerer, Wyoming areas learn new skills and vocations.  It is a pleasure for Little Pines to be a part of this endeavor by doing the web site and also computer and network support for their offices.  They have several Residential Homes in all their areas for clients who are self-sufficient to give them a supportive place to live. 

The site has a custom-developed on-line Document Library and Employment Application process. 

Sound Mountain Healing  is out of beta and just went live.  You can look at it and give us your opinion.  It features our latest custom Shopping Cart System, Blog Module, Site Search and more.

SMH is a Wholistic/Holistic healing site done by Kal Sellers of Afton, Wyoming.  On the site you can find many articles, videos, PodCasts, and items to purchase to help you have better health.  Come visit and look it over. 

Rocky Mountain Seafood  is the newest of our web sites.  We are pleased to do a restaurant, especially when it's the best in the valley.  Come and get the best of fish dishes and other great meals, right here in Afton, Star Valley, Wyoming. 

I suggest you try the Salmon Parmesan.  This site is still in Beta, so come back and watch it grow!  

Linclon County Republican Party  is one of our newest and still in beta, but you can look at it and give us your opinion.  Check out that flying American flag!! 


SouthWest Aviation is one of our latest.  It's a fully responsive and adaptive site, which favors mobile devices, but still has graphic appeal (something that's missed in many of today's mobile sites).  This site also incorporates a multitude of on-line forms to gather information about prospective clients.  This helps SWAIG to better serve their customers with aviation insurance quotes and claims. 

Soon we will be integrating the on-line forms with an on-line insurance quote app that will even further make the service to and from customers more automated (since most aviation people are "on-the-go"). 

Polyguard Vaults - a unique company that manufactures casket burial vaults out of a polypropylene composite material.  Much stronger and more water resistant than granite or cement vaults. 

These vaults can even be personalized, customized and decorated for a fitting tribute to a passed-away loved one.  They are available across the country.  Check out their site for more information. 

Polyguard has been one of our longest cutomers, and we just did a full web site re-design, bringing it up-to-date with teh latest SAW and made it fully device Responsive. 

MyRuleOf72:  is one of our friends' sites.  It helps people invest in precoius metals and get prepared for the coming problems in the world money market. 

Lifetime Fitness  (now called Peak Fitness) is THE place in our valley to go and get into shape.  All the fitness machines you'd want along with a raquetball/wallyball court, sauna, classes, etc. 
The site is in beta right now and will go live soon.  It is one of our newest responsive and adaptive sites.  Please check it out on your tablet or SmartPhone. 

Rockbridge Meadows is another new site that is partially a real estate site (giving you information on lots for sale), and partially a homeowners' association site (giving you information on what it's like to live there). 
This upscale subdivision gives you a country-living feel while being just minutes away from the town of Afton.
Other amenities include most lots having streams and trails, an elementary school right across the street (with a high school 5 minutes away), a public park right beside, and great neighbors.
The site has an image map of the subdivision where you can click on a lot to get more detailed information about that lot.

Broken Spoke Yaks  was a fun web site to do.  You'd be surprised how much fun it is getting into a field with these large animals, and finding them so calm and friendly.  It's even more a surprise how tender and delicious their meat is.  Wow!  You really have to try it to believe it.  I may never go back to beef! 

Star Valley CNG:  Driving along in the intermountain region, traveling around in Wyoming, Idaho, or Utah, and in a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicle?  Well then, Star Valley CNG is a site that helps you find where to fill up with CNG gas. 
We also have information on where to stay and fill up your bellies as well.  And we have maps of where the next CNG stations are.  Give us a look-see. 

SleepDisorderHelp is a web site for Child Uplift, Inc.  These guys do some fantastic things to help young children up to adolescents get better sleep, while educating parents and professionals alike on how to tell if your child has a sleep disorder. 

This site has an on-line screening for parents to help determine if a sleep disorder is the culprit of a child's behavior.  It also has professional screening software and packets for professionals in the school or child care industry.  We've also converted some of their PowerPoint training presentations into Flash.

SkyView Lanes Bowling Alley, CinePlex, and Family Fun Center - and that says it all:  8 new lanes to bowl on, a 2-screen fully-digtal theater, delicious food at the Strke Zone Cafe with the addition of the Anasazi Pizza Parlor, and an arcade section with pool tables, pinball machines, air hocky, and video games.  Come out and try this place.  You'll keep coming back.  Leagues are forming.  Give them a call.

Equipment Works, Inc. is one of our latest.  EWI wanted a new logo that incorporated a tool that was one of the most-used and most reconizable tools used in the automotive industry, and give it an "all-American" look.   We chose the wrench, used an American Flag background, and put it on top of a leaf spring, which is one of their specialties.
Based in Lorton and Newington, Virginia, this company handles all aspects of parts and service for tractor trailers, heavy trucks, fire and ambulance apparati, and consumer automobiles.  They also are the best in spring and suspension,  and they do lift gates and snow ploughs as well.

Rotary Club of Star Valley - Local chapter of Rotary International, and the smallest club in the district.  If anyone out there wants to join the Rotary Club, they could sure use members.  Check out their site for more info.

Disaster Cleanup of Wyoming offers the best in cleaning and restoring your house after a disaster such as fire, flood, or other damage.  They have a wide range of services from just clean up, to storing your belongings while you go throug the ordeal, to repairing the damage.  Add carpet and furniture cleaning to the mix and they are full-service company.

They also have one of our custom applications in an on-line project-tracking database.  You always know where you stand during the clean up or rennovation project, and your insurance adjuster can log on and view and update things as well!

OIS Technologies  from Severn, Maryland - the inventor and chief developer of the SAW control panel and most of the graphic design for our web sites.  We partnered with them in 2002 to bring our customers the premier web site development platform.  They are also responsible for most of the custom application and on-line database development.


SAW Site Pricing:
 New Responsive SAW Pricing


Other web sites not in the Star Valley area:

COGR (Council on Governmental Relations) is an association of research universities.  COGR's primary function is to provide advice and information to its membership and to make certain that federal agencies understand academic operations and the impact of proposed regulations on colleges and universities. COGR helps to develop policies and practices that fairly reflect the mutual interests and separate obligations of federal agencies and universities in research and graduate education.
Dominion Answering Service, Inc. serves as an off-premesis extension of your offices providing emergency dispatch and routine office support to all.  We provide new generation technology along with old fashion integrity and hard work.  A combination that has worked for them, and they can make it work for you!
Classic Settlements, Papagjika & Associates have been rated the #1 independent settlement company by the Washington Business Journal.

The Loft at Meadowbrook is the sister site of the above site. 
This site was also designed to be mobile-friendly and is "wrapped around" a shopping cart app which actually controls the menu system.  This can be seen by the hovering over the "Online Store" menu item.  It shows the item categories and the number of items in that category.  This list also appears just below the horizontal menu and in the footer.  As the item database changes, the menu list and footer list are automatically updated.  Cool!
It also has two search bars in the banner - one for each category and one for the whole store.  The shopping cart was custom-developed by us and can be altered to your needs.  Give us a call for your next web site.  WHAT IS OA ?
Overeaters Anonymous offers a program of recovery from compulsive eating using the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of OA. Worldwide meetings and other tools provide a fellowship of experience, strength and hope where members respect one another’s anonymity. OA charges no dues or fees; it is self-supporting through member contributions.
This site is a WordPress site that is fully mobile-friendly that is fully responsive and adaptable.  Check it out on a computer, then on a tablet, then on a SmartPhone.  Call or Email us to get a site for your business that is this professionally done. 


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