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Custom On-Line Applications and Databases:

Below is a list of some of the custom applications we have developed for customers.  Please feel free to check them out and give us your opinions.  Each has a description of their purpose and features, and where they are public and live, there are links to go see them.  Where they are not for public access, we can make an appointment with you and take you on a guided tour. 

Anything you can imagine for an on-line application or database we can do for you.  We use the ColdFusion programming/scripting language and can custom design for you at about 1/3 the time and 1/3 the cost of PHP, ASP, or other scripting languages.  All databases and on-line applications are "live" and data is available instantaneously after clicking on a "save" button or similar function.

Click here to see some Mobile Apps, or scroll down to the bottom.


The OIS On-Line Business/Restaurant/and-anything-else-you-can-think-of Listings System

If you want your web site to make money and also direct visitors to your area's best businesses, then this is the site for you. 

The Features it has presently are: 
 - A 4-tier business listing system (Gold, Silver, Bronze, & Free). 
 - Each paid listing gets their own page with all the info the listing level shows (programmed by you).  Info like: business name, address, phone, web site, logo, hours, short & long descriptions, pictures, videos, PDFs, social media links/charms/jewels, maps, and more. 
 - Businesses can be put into Categories for grouping. 

 - A full SEO package, like what you get for all our web sites. 
- Side bars to display businesses by town.  
 - Our Site Search can search on almost any/every field in the database. 
 - An Admin/CMS that makes it quick and easy to put in a new business. 
 - And too many more features to list - contact us for more info

We presently have two sites using this system, in different ways.  Go see them to experience the app:  
 - Businesses: 
 - Restaurants: 




  Artifact Database - suitable for Museum Management or an Historical Society 

This app can hold an extreme number of pictures, documents, audio files, video files - and anything else you can ask for.  And you can search by Title, Gallery, Category, Text, etc. 

Items can have multiple fields pertaining to it, as seen in the screenshots to the Left (click to see an enlargement).  This app was designed for museums to manage their artifacts, but can also be used for an Historical Society to manage their historical and antique items. 

It needs to be seen to be believed, so contact us for a tour. 

Check it out at:   










The Movie Listings App

If you have a Movie Theater, and want a great web site, with a way of listing your movies in a coherent way, with a lot of info (no need for the visitor to go anywhere else!), and it would put these in a database, so that you could recall them whenever needed, then this is your app.  (Click on any if the graphics to the left, to see an enlargement). 

The layout (graphic left, top), can be changed to suit, and it holds the Movie Poster, Title, sub-title, Show Times, Synopsis, Rating, Runtime, the Trailer's streaming link (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), Official web site, and IMDB page link. 

It also allows you to put in a "From/Start" date, and an "To/End" date, so that it will appear on the site/page on the "From" date, and be automatically taken off the site/page on the "To" date.  Makes the whole function much more manageable, since you can put movies in the database ahead of time, and they will be shown on the page when they need to be. 

See it on our demo site at: 


The OIS Blog

Imagine a Blog App with Categories and Tags you can create yourself, put each Blog Post into any or multiple Categories or Tags, have them searchable, have the titles become key words for your web site, have Social Media Share links automatic, be able to upload photos, and set YouTube video links.  You can even put links to documents, pages, other posts, and much more.  To see a larger screen shot, click the graphic to the left.  To See it live, click here.


 The OIS Shopping Cart

This is one of our best: the OIS Shopping Cart has so many features, they'll be hard to list here.  Let's start with an Admin Home Area (shown to the left - click for an enlargement)) that allows you to access the Orders, Items, and Categories of the cart.  You can see all your orders from the Orders Screen, and sort them, filter them, and do searches, etc. 

When entering a new Item or editing an existing one, you can put in an Item Name, Type (it does shipped items, downloads, media, and more), Cost, and Descriptions.  You can upload multiple Images for each item, and make any one the "Default".  Shipping data can be by weight, methid, or flat.  Categories are used to group your items so that they can appear on the same display page.  And Cross Promotion shows items that other visitors have purchased at the same time as the item the present visitor is looking at. 

See a screen shot of how it displays items to the public - or see it live

There's so much more.  Contact Us for a tour.  Soon to come:  Discounts, Coupons, and Class Tickets!  



The OIS On-Line Library

Is a fantastic addition to any web site.  It allows the Admins to upload almost any document type and the app will convert it to PDF.  The Admin can name the document and give it a description, and set security such as Print/no print, copy/paste text or not, etc. 
Next, categories can be created that will show as "Tabs" (see an enlargement of the screen shot), and any document can be placed in any category.
The Admin can then create user IDs with passwords, and allow any user to view any tab.
Further, when a visitor views or prints a document, a cover page with your company logo, document information, and the date and time it was viewed/printed can be included.


On-line Form to PDF

Ever wish you could have an on-line form filled out and have it E-mailed to you as a PDF?  Well, for our customers it's not a wish.
In this example of an on-line Employment Application (see enlargement), when a visitor fills out the on-line form, it gets converted to a PDF document (and it was designed to look exactly like their paper Employment Application), and E-mailed not only to the Human Resources person, but to the applicant as well.
Not only that, but if the applicant uploads their resume and/or cover letter, they will get converted to PDFs as well, and attached to the E-mails.
NOTE:  This can be done with ANY paper form you want!
See for yourself!  Fill out the LSR app



This system was developed custom from the ground up.  It has many features found in large-scale, national reservation systems, but, more importantly, it has those requested by our customer. 

The Features it has presently are: "Property Types" (types of rooms), picture galleries, pricing by type or by room, Seasonal Pricing, Blackout Dates, Discounts (by amount or percent), Tax changes, and On-Line Merchant Account Integration. 

If you need an on-line reservation system, please Email or call us to give us your list of functions and features desired.  We can then give you a quote. 

We will list more features as we develop them. 


Client Fitness Progress Tracking App

Skye Clark is a fitness trainer who had us develop an on-line app for her to disseminate information to her clients depending on what level they were at.  (See an enlarged  screen shot). 
This app lets a new client create a user ID/password and, after filling in some of their personal information, has them fill out an on-line questionaire to inform Skye where they are at health-wise and physically.  She then assigns them a level of training, and when they next log in, they can access documents, training videos and nutrition information that is tailored to their level. 
They can upload pictures of themselves to track their progress, and have personal communications to Skye via a private messaging system. 



Membership App

Do you have a "membership" to your organization?  Want to keep track of them and allow visitors to your web site to find them?  Well, here is the app for you. 
You can put in all information for the member (in this case businesses) and allow visitors to search for them alphabetically [see enlargement], by categories (that you create), and by key words (in the description of the business)[see enlargement].
The members' information is editable by an Admin user or by the members themselves.
Don't forget - we can customize any app for you we've done already, or do a custom app from scratch - the sky's the limit!

Donations Application

If your company accepts donations, it would be a great idea to be able to track the donations and the donors, and automatically send them personalized "Thank You" E-mails and/or letters with your company logo!
Additionally, we keep the donors' addresses and E_mail addresses in the database (NOT the credit card information), so that when you have another fund raising campaign, you can send a customizable and personal message asking them to donate.  (See an enlargement of one of the Admin settings screens).


Real Estate App

This one is quite unique.  It allows you to upload pictures, videos, and documents, and displays them in a pleasing format (see an enlargement).  The properties can be set as "featured", which then shows them in a Flash Slide Show on the home page.
You can put in a brief description and a long description - which then become Search Engine Key Words of the page (no other web site company does this!).  

Sales Leads Tracking

This app has way too many features to list here, but we'll list a few:  a visitor signs in to the app, it shows them pictures and videos of the product, it tracks which videos they watch and for how long, it puts them on an E-mail list that notifies them of any new videos uploaded to see.  It sends them an E-mail informing them who their sales rep is (see an enlargement of the screen at left). 
Further, it notifies their sales rep that they've signed up (it finds their international sales rep from address and zip code).  The sales rep can then contact them to talk.  The "leads" are managed by the sales reps on-line, with a "diary" of contact info and mass-mailing modules.


EMS Scheduling App

The SVMC EMS team came to us to help them develop an on-line scheduling app for them.  Each EMS (or EMT) member can go on-line, log in with their own username and password, and sign up for a shift (see an enlargement).  At the end of the month, the team leader can print out a report and do payroll.
Other features are: a Team Roster than can be viewed and printed as a PDF with all member information on it, Team Members can edit their own information, and every member can send all members an E-mail message by clicking a button.
There are also two notification areas that can be seen when logging in and at the top of the shift page (in red).
Now, this app was/is proprietary, but if you need something similar, we can do it for you.


Used Cars App

This database allows you to upload the car information, pictures, and videos.  When you upload picutres, it automatically resizes them to fit in the thumbnail strip and the enlargement view.  It allows you to make a car a "featured" car that appears on the home page "featured list" in random order.  When marked as sold, the app automatically puts a "Sold" graphic across all the pictures (see an enlargement).
There is even an "Inventory" module that has a database search engine that fills in the fields depending on what cars are in the database - shown below to the left. 

Case Management App

This custom application was written to track the case management, case notes, billing, and progress information of handicapped individuals receiving State-funded services.
Many aspects of the clients' status had to be tracked such as services provided, source or services, time worked on goals, goals achieved, Case Notes, Case Management notes and time, and client personal information such as medical diagnoses and guardian info.  It also had to be fully secure and HIPAA compliant.
This application has a user side and an Admin side, which allows user administration and some customizing of the reports.  It can be adapted for your tracking needs.

Tee Time Reservations

This application allows golfers to reserve a Tee Time along with the number of golfers in the party and whether they want a cart.  It can charge them for the reservation or allow no charge based on a season pass code.  It is fully PayPal integrated and customizable.
Some of its customizable fields are: season dates (range), charge rates based on criteria (member, visitor, etc.), the user page display style, number of days in advance a user is allowed to reserve a Tee Time, time the day starts and ends, printable reports, blackout times, holiday dates, PayPal transaction ID and E-mail address.  All error messages are fully customizable with a mini-HTML editor for different styles of text and graphics.  There are also levels of security and user IDs.

The OIS Technologies' Time-Share Property Tracking Application

Allows the owner of the property to set up multiple properties with multiple users or "owners" (owner of a time-share "slice" of time), with a certain number of days per property.  These owners can then go into their area and reserve days to use the property (or the admin can do it).  Owners can then see who is at what property when and adjust their schedules or plan their vacations.  Owners can also give their time to another owner.


2Schedule was born out of the necessity to have a 24-hour scheduling system.  Doctor's offices, Dentist's offices, and others contract with an answering service which takes calls for new appointments and cancellations.  The service then updates the real-time, on-line schedule, and when the office staff comes in in the morning, their daily schedule is accurate, up-to-date, and ready to go for the day's customers.

Stork Report

This is a newborn baby picture listing database that the nurses can upload the picture and information of the newborn themselves in just minutes after the birth.  Family that are far away can see their new family member instantaneously.  Visitors can search for newborns by month and year.  Clicking on the newborn's information will give an enlargement. 


HearthParts is like a mini-eBay.  Dealers with extra parts can buy, sell, or trade parts between dealers so that they can service their customers better.  This on-line application has so many features they can't be listed.
This application can be customized to fit your company's requirements for a similar function.

Contact Management

Need a way that travelling employees or sales reps can keep in contact with each other and track who has been where, when, and discussed what with whom?  Then this is the application for you!  This is presently being used to track sales reps who give on-line Flash and/or PowerPoint presentations.  Each rep knows which clients have been given which presentation in a series and where to go next.

How about a Mobile App on your iPhone or Android phone that attaches to your on-line database?  The graphics to the left are a mock-up of an app for Emergency Essentials that show each screen as you choose menu items.  Click on any graphic to see an enlargement.
1. Shows the home page/screen
2. Shows what you'd see if you chose "Sale Items" from the main menu. 
3. Shows what you'd see if you chose the Non-fat Dry Milk item. 
4. Shows what you'd see if you chose "Articles" from the main menu. 
5. Shows what you'd see if you chose to see the article about storage methods.
Give us a call.  We can do whatever your comapny needs to get your name and your products out. 



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